Nigel Farage, Ukip

Why UKIP Need a Serious Change in Strategy – Part One

Part One UKIP are dominating the headlines. Friday’s election results showed UKIP to have a huge projected national share of 23%. No party has been such a challenge to the … Continue Reading →


UKIP Surge Shows Culturist Values Amongst Electorate

This week we’ve seen a real earthquake in British politics. Massive gains for the UKIP and heavy losses for the Tories in local elections means David Cameron will be under … Continue Reading →


A Message to UKIP Members & Supporters

UKIP was at one time an incredible, socially conservative alternative. Still, there are many members who are socially conservative and oppose multiculturalism. However, within the last year or so there … Continue Reading →

Ukip leader, Nigel Farage

Libertarian Left Infiltration: Can UKIP Go Back in the Right Direction?

by Philip Jones Over the past year or so, as anyone reading this will know, UKIP have received more media coverage and have gained more support than in any other … Continue Reading →


Former Tory Official Joins NC Ranks: The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create It

by Carl Yorkshire, Every national culturist has the foresight to see that the cause of our time is fighting back against the establishment political class whom have allowed our country … Continue Reading →

Tories Nick UKIP Policy!

by Jack Buckby The recent controversy over the replacement of GCSEs to O-Level style exams has certainly received a lot of press – but what hasn’t been mentioned is that … Continue Reading →