Thatcher: Still Used as a Scape-Goat for Labour’s Mess, Even Now

Thatcher: Still used as a scape-goat for Labour’s mess even now Margaret Thatcher – a brilliant lady, in my opinion, who made decisions which many politicians were too afraid to … Continue Reading →


I Was a Member of the BNP – And it’s Cameron’s Fault

When I first started in college, my interest in politics was relatively new. I was a sixteen year old who saw flaws in society just like everyone else. It was … Continue Reading →

A Muslim man prays during Eid-al-Fitr in the northern Indian city of Allahabad

Crafting State – Nations – The Culturist Review

by Dr John Press “Crafting State – Nations: India and Other Multinational Democracies,” is an academic argument which refutes culturism.  In the academic literature, nation refers to a people; State … Continue Reading →


Sean Allan Takes NC Communications & Outreach Role (VIDEO)

Hello National Culturist readers. Firstly, my name is Sean Allan, but many of you may know me by my pseudonym name (MarmiteMan4). I’m writing this introduction to announce my official … Continue Reading →


John Press’ Thoughts from India

Love the West! by Dr John Press I currently reside in India. My town, near Rishikesh, is crawling with young people dressed as Sadhus (wandering beggars).  They have dreadlocks and … Continue Reading →


We or Me?

by Antony Ferris Take some time to browse through any number of sociological textbooks and get a feel for the language used in a range of academic essays, and I … Continue Reading →


Welcome Our New Welsh Rep, Matthew Hopkins

Hello, my name is Matthew Hopkins; and I am a student of Psychology, with a strong interest in Philosophy. I recently left the Conservative party (and joined UKIP) due to … Continue Reading →


The Little Things You Can Do to Make a BIG Difference

A Student Call to Action!! Challenge Your Multiculturalist Professors! Culturist students must take back intellectual control of the university from the multicultural establishment.  Winning in the classroom will strongly aid … Continue Reading →

Ukip leader, Nigel Farage

Libertarian Left Infiltration: Can UKIP Go Back in the Right Direction?

by Philip Jones Over the past year or so, as anyone reading this will know, UKIP have received more media coverage and have gained more support than in any other … Continue Reading →


Culturism 101 – A Review of Arnold’s General Grant – Part Two

In the prior article concerning Matthew Arnold’s review of General Grant’s memoirs and life, we saw an American version of culturism promulgated.[i]  That is, we saw that the cultural critic … Continue Reading →

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