The Great Gatsby – The Culturist Review

When I say this will be “The Culturist Review” of the Great Gatsby (2013), I should write “The Culturist’s” review. The first person to earn the label “culturist” was Matthew … Continue Reading →


Culturism 101: The BJP and Culturist Dynamics in a Democracy

The Indian political party, the BJP, is culturist, in all but name; they stand for the promotion of the traditional majority Hindu culture in India.  Recently, while I was in … Continue Reading →

Nigel Farage, Ukip

Why UKIP Need a Serious Change in Strategy – Part One

Part One UKIP are dominating the headlines. Friday’s election results showed UKIP to have a huge projected national share of 23%. No party has been such a challenge to the … Continue Reading →


I Was a Member of the BNP – And it’s Cameron’s Fault

When I first started in college, my interest in politics was relatively new. I was a sixteen year old who saw flaws in society just like everyone else. It was … Continue Reading →


The Little Things You Can Do to Make a BIG Difference

A Student Call to Action!! Challenge Your Multiculturalist Professors! Culturist students must take back intellectual control of the university from the multicultural establishment.  Winning in the classroom will strongly aid … Continue Reading →


Culturism 101 # 7 – Western Cultural Pride Exercise

Western Cultural Pride Exercise (approximate time required: 15 – 20 minutes) GOAL:  After this you’ll be a better advocate for Western Culture. This is a simple task that you could … Continue Reading →

National Culturists Prepare for Action in September!

The National Culturists are preparing for action this September. Whilst the National Culturists welcome members of all ages, we are also here to give the youth of today a place … Continue Reading →