Afghanistan Veteran Joins Culturist Team

Today we are pleased to announce that Afghanistan veteran Tim Arnold will be contributing to the Culturist Hub. His pieces for us will complement nicely the range of material we … Continue Reading →


Rosie Ward Joins Culturist Young Columnists

I thought I’d best introduce myself before posting on The Culturist Hub. I am Rosie Ward, a resident member of Young Independence (youth wing of UKIP) and a right-wing individual. … Continue Reading →


I Was a Member of the BNP – And it’s Cameron’s Fault

When I first started in college, my interest in politics was relatively new. I was a sixteen year old who saw flaws in society just like everyone else. It was … Continue Reading →


National Culturists to Host Summer Culturist Conference in London

This Summer, we will be hosting the first ever Culturist Conference in central London. A number of guests are already confirmed from a range of political parties and organisations, including … Continue Reading →


John Davies’ Cultural Excursions: A Day of ‘Diversity’

Names and places are either purposefully altered or left out all together in order to avoid any potential libel claims. The blog posts headed ‘John Davies’ Cultural Excursions’ are John … Continue Reading →