A Message to UKIP Members & Supporters

UKIP was at one time an incredible, socially conservative alternative. Still, there are many members who are socially conservative and oppose multiculturalism. However, within the last year or so there … Continue Reading →


National Culturists to Host Summer Culturist Conference in London

This Summer, we will be hosting the first ever Culturist Conference in central London. A number of guests are already confirmed from a range of political parties and organisations, including … Continue Reading →


Sean Allan Takes NC Communications & Outreach Role (VIDEO)

Hello National Culturist readers. Firstly, my name is Sean Allan, but many of you may know me by my pseudonym name (MarmiteMan4). I’m writing this introduction to announce my official … Continue Reading →


John Press’ Thoughts from India

Love the West! by Dr John Press I currently reside in India. My town, near Rishikesh, is crawling with young people dressed as Sadhus (wandering beggars).  They have dreadlocks and … Continue Reading →


Sloppy Student ‘Journalist’ James Margeson Will Say Anything for a Few Readers

by Jack Buckby You’ve probably noticed the National Culturists in the media recently. A number of national magazines have already produced articles about the initiative, and articles can be found … Continue Reading →


We or Me?

by Antony Ferris Take some time to browse through any number of sociological textbooks and get a feel for the language used in a range of academic essays, and I … Continue Reading →


Welcome Our New Welsh Rep, Matthew Hopkins

Hello, my name is Matthew Hopkins; and I am a student of Psychology, with a strong interest in Philosophy. I recently left the Conservative party (and joined UKIP) due to … Continue Reading →


Democracy is Key to British Culturism

by Jack Buckby Democracy is one of the most important things about the political existence of the West. Without democracy, we would be lacking an incredible part of British and … Continue Reading →


The Little Things You Can Do to Make a BIG Difference

A Student Call to Action!! Challenge Your Multiculturalist Professors! Culturist students must take back intellectual control of the university from the multicultural establishment.  Winning in the classroom will strongly aid … Continue Reading →


Culturism 101 # 7 – Western Cultural Pride Exercise

Western Cultural Pride Exercise (approximate time required: 15 – 20 minutes) GOAL:  After this you’ll be a better advocate for Western Culture. This is a simple task that you could … Continue Reading →

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