Nigel Farage, Ukip

Why UKIP Need a Serious Change in Strategy – Part One

Part One UKIP are dominating the headlines. Friday’s election results showed UKIP to have a huge projected national share of 23%. No party has been such a challenge to the … Continue Reading →


UKIP Surge Shows Culturist Values Amongst Electorate

This week we’ve seen a real earthquake in British politics. Massive gains for the UKIP and heavy losses for the Tories in local elections means David Cameron will be under … Continue Reading →

Female students on a Carnage UK-organised night out in Brighton.

Since When Did ‘Modern’ Mean ‘Slags and Man-Whores?’

Time and time again, you hear people making references to religion or traditional institutions – suggesting ‘well, it’s the 21st century and things have changed’… Too often do we hear … Continue Reading →


Culturists Celebrate an Election Landslide (In India)

The parade celebrating the victory of the culturist Indian BJP political party, started with a bang – literally.  A “bomb” firework about eight feet from me exploded.  As embers went … Continue Reading →


I Was a Member of the BNP – And it’s Cameron’s Fault

When I first started in college, my interest in politics was relatively new. I was a sixteen year old who saw flaws in society just like everyone else. It was … Continue Reading →

A Muslim man prays during Eid-al-Fitr in the northern Indian city of Allahabad

Crafting State – Nations – The Culturist Review

by Dr John Press “Crafting State – Nations: India and Other Multinational Democracies,” is an academic argument which refutes culturism.  In the academic literature, nation refers to a people; State … Continue Reading →


The Place of Religion in the Culturist Vision

John Campbell Shairp’s 1872 book, “Culture and Religion in Some of their Relations” launches the word “culturist.”  As such it has importance for the National Culturists.  But, even if Shairp’s … Continue Reading →


How Do You Solve a Problem Like Raheem Kassam?

by Jack Buckby With the rise of UKIP and my further involvement with colleagues from the party, and indeed my involvement on a personal and political level with genuine Tories, … Continue Reading →

LSE graduation day

Culturism 101: Academic Treason

Culturist Academic Treason  by Dr John Press Academic, fellow westerners, please forgive me for the level of anger and harsh statements in the following article.  I am angry and will … Continue Reading →


The Case for Culturism: Creating a Conservative Long March

by Jack Buckby You may not have heard of the word, but each one of us nationalists are culturists. Culturism is an important ideology which is often overlooked, and in … Continue Reading →