Click the image to download the full 'What is Culturism?' booklet.

Click the image to download the full ‘What is Culturism?’ booklet.

  John K. Press may be an American academic, but his promotion of culturism fits perfectly with modern British politics.

In today’s multicultural society, with politicians including the leftist ‘Conservative’ politician David Cameron openly admitting that multiculturalism has failed, isn’t it time we learned to adopt something better?

Isn’t it time for us British to adopt culturism before it’s too late?

Read on to see everything you need to know about culturism. This is taken directly from the blog of John K. Press, which can be found at

Do note that whilst this is American content, it easily relates to your British way of life. Read what he has to say and think about Britain instead – you’ll soon realise the relevance!

Culturism (cŭl-ch́әr-ĭź-әm) n. 1. The philosophy, art and science that values, manages and protects majority cultures. 2. A philosophy which holds that defining, protecting and promoting majority cultures should be legitimate policy considerations. 3. The study of culturism.

Culturist (cŭl-ch́әr-ĭst) n. 1. An advocate of culturism.    2. One who engages in the art or science of managing and protecting majority cultures. 3. Of or pertaining to culturism, culturists or culturist policy. – adj.


Culturism holds that majority cultures have a right to protect, promote and guide themselves. All non-western cultures are culturist. We have a right to be culturist as well.

We are losing the rhetorical debate. Injecting culturism and culturist into our vocabulary will help protect the West.

This is how culturism counters the words multiculturalism, racism, and individualism :

Multiculturalists say the West is just a random assemblage of diferent cultures from around the world. Culturism recognizes that western nations have unique traditional core cultures to protect, guide and promote. Multiculturalists ask us to “celebrate diversity.” Culturists don’t think they take cultural diversity seriously enough. At heart multiculturalists think all cultures are interchangeable and only refer to food, festivals and fashion. Culturism, the book, looks at the Aztecs and headhunters to show how diverse cultures can be. But 9/11 should have put the West on notice that not all cultures believe in democracy, individualism, the value of individual lives, the Protestant work ethic, female rights, gay rights, the relative separation of church and state or other parts of western culture. Unlike multiculturalists, culturists think the West has a core culture, think it requires protection, and take cultural diversity very seriously.

Charges of racism are used to silence all of those who would talk about the negative parts of cultural diversity. Worrying about racism makes some sense. But immigration concerns are not about race, they are about culture. Racism is stupid and dangerous. But if diversity is real, culturism is necessary.

Individualism is the third word. Culturism seeks to promote individualism realistically. If the West does not survive, individualism and individual rights will be discontinued. Individual rights being used to protect anti-social behavior can go to destructive extremes. Individual rights are now used to defile our airwaves, claim asylum and avoid culturist profiling. Being a citizen means sometimes considering what is best for the society you purport to love.

Culturism’s definition holds that majority cultures have a right to guide, protect and promote themselves. Multiculturalism has told us that the West has no majority culture to guide, protect and promote. They have also told us to stick up for it is racist. Furthermore, they seek to undermine the West iin the name of individual rights. To survive, the West must be as culturist as other nations.

Protect the West, fight abuse of the word racism, stop multiculturalism, and safeguard individualism,



  • Jennafer

    Also, you seem to be aware that your ideology is racist, ergo morally wrong, as suggested by the very careful phrasing of your utter bullshit manifesto.

    • nationalculturists

      We don’t have a manifesto, we are not a party.
      And culturism has nothing to do with racism.

      • incog

        Yes it does

        • nationalculturists

          No it doesn’t. The whole point of culturism is that it talks about culture & not race. Saying culturism is racist is like saying cheese is meat.

    • yaotlx

      So anyone who believes in cultural preservation, such as I who is of Amerindian heritage, is a racist? Get out of here you con artist.

  • Paul Logson

    I see many of your points to be well placed in trying to preserve culture and respecting other cultures, but some of the statements made on your facebook site seem to actively attack other cultures as being fundamentally ‘wrong’ and some I would go as far as saying quite racist towards those who believe in a “wicked ‘God’ Allah”, and I would say this kind of commentary is undermining the better ideas. Perhaps a less orthodoxic and more heterodoxic view may be better received, accepting the views of others to a greater extent.

    I do find some points agreeable, but the overshadowing feature I think people perceive you to be ‘facist’ or ‘racist’ could be reduced with clearer explanations and careful statements about the true aims of this (which I see as fairly just in most points). I fear you are driving reactionary responses by slipping these kind of remarks into posts, which is not helping a reputation. I also think you should be careful with your association with the EDL (through BNP etc) as thuggery etc will be associated.