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  • Michael Woodbridge

    An interesting initative and I wish you well in achieving your aims. I feel that some of your terminlogy is a little confusing however. You say you’re against “racism” and “fascism” and yet you’re against those left-wing organisations that also call themselves “anti-racist” and “anti-fascist”. You make it clear that a national culture is based largely on the racial make up of a nation, does that not make you “racist”? It does me.

    Fascism was originally a perfectly reasonable Italian movement of the early twentieth century which at one time attracted the admiration of figuers such as Lloyd George and Sir Winston Churchill. Any violence associated with fascism could be put down to the fact that it needed to defend the nation against communism and its fanatically violent adherents, which had successfully fermented a number of revolutions around Europe. Nowadays the cultural heirs to those same communists have largely won the battle through the hegemony of “political correctness”. They have retained the term “fascism” as a word of political abuse because they associate fascism with the violent actions of those who were forced to defend themselves. There is no reason that we should use the term fascism in such a tendencious way unless we want to be dishonest.

    • nationalculturists

      Hi Michael,

      The most common use for ‘racism’ these days is ‘race hate’. Ethno nationalists do not believe in hating people – so in order to get our point across, the only way we can do it these days is by using language that, unfortunately, people now associate with.

      So we are against the modern conceived definition of ‘racism’ and we most certainly do not hate people.

      Equally, we are against the modern interpretation of fascism.

      We are using wording that people understand as that’s the only way we can successfully spread the word these days.

  • Michael Woodbridge

    Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I fully understand your position on the definition of both “racism” and “fascism” and agree totally that neither racial hatred nor indiscriminate violence are helpful to our cause. Having been part of our movement for more years than I care to admit I’ve always been appalled by the mind numbing ignorance of those who resort to simple emotional solutions. It’s for that reason that I find your initiative so welcome.

    The problem as I see it though is that by accepting the definitions of “fascism” and “racism” of those who would destroy us we are playing on their home ground.

    For instance, it may seem clever of us to point out that “racism cuts both ways”. By showing how non-Europeans are often more antagonistic towards us than we are towards them we can, as in judo, use the moral weight of the enemy against itself in a holy show of “less racist than thou.” Unfortunately, by accepting, what is actually the Trotskyist definition of “racism” we’ve left our opponents a heavy weapon with which to beat us. As you know, we’re not going to get very far if every time we are accused of “racism” we reply that we’re not racists but racial-nationalists. The public mind is not sufficiently subtle to distinguish between the two. I know that for this reason your preferred term is “ethno-nationalist”. The problem here is that ethnicity is not quite the same thing as race. Race is more specifically genetic in character whilst ethnicity is partly cultural and historical..

    We can go a great deal further in the understanding of our world if we study the genetic features of mankind rather than if we just look at mankind’s ethnicity.

    By making “fascism” a taboo, our enemies have tried to put a block on free
    historical research. By making “racism” the big taboo, our enemies have effectively put a block on free scientific research, in perhaps the most important field of all.

    We must start to grasp nettles, not just think we’re clever by dodging around them. As cultural warriors I believe our most urgent task is to break all such taboos and allow our people once again to breath the sweet air of freedom.

  • Tofi

    As soon as you mentioned fascism and racism you lost the plot. It has already led to yet more unnecessary old fashioned pontification; regurgitating the same old stuff again and again. They must be replaced by Anglophobia, ethnic cleansing or clearing, genocide etc. Open some new gates, drive the folk forwards to clean fresh pastures.
    We wish you well on your new venture.
    On behalf of Northants English Welfare Society – Caring for the English!
    yours sincerely, Tofi

  • Nationalists101

    BREAKING NEWS: On the 16TH April students from ‘Cardiff University’ will have the chance to vote in a referendum on weather to leave or stay in the NUS (see link)


    Obviously leaving the NUS would allow the possibility of Mr. Nick Griffin MEP (as well as others) to be invited and finally free speech would prevail.

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