Justice For Charlene

Charlene Downes went missing on the 1st of November in 2003 in Blackpool. After playing on the winter night with her friends, Charlene didn’t come home when she said she would, and she didn’t call home. Charlene had gone, and nobody in the local area knew where.
After days, the story began to unfold and Charlene’s family were, from this point onwards, subject to a horrifying and heartbreaking series of events that led to the understanding of what really happened to Charlene Downes.

It soon became evident that Charlene has fallen victim to the Muslim gang grooming epidemic, which has been affecting this country now for three decades. The police believed that Charlene was murdered by two local takeaway owners – Iyad Albattikhi and Mohammed Reveshi.
The police and the CPS have numerous recordings of the two men admitting their crimes, but incredibly, the two men were completely acquitted. And now, Charlene’s family have been subject to a number of police warnings for campaigning for justice!

The police, before the trial, had told Karen Downes, Charlene’s mother, that they were ’99.9% certain that Charlene has been murdered’. It seemed that the evidence against the two men simply wasn’t enough, and a number of weeks later, it hit the headlines that Charlene had been murdered by the men and the body disposed of by using her for kebab meat. The police initially said this was not true, but sure enough, it all came out in court.

Over 52 separate tape recordings have been captured through covert surveillance, from within Reveshi’s home and his car. The tape recordings were obtained between February 2004 and March 2004.
A tape recording in possession of the police was of a conversation between Albattikhi and Reveshi about how they disposed of Charlene’s body. It is claimed that on one tape, Reveshi said “Her big bones went into the machine as well, you know that, don’t you?” Mr Albattikhi replied: “Her bones? Did you . . . inside the machine?” “Yes,” Mr Reveshi said.
The jury was then told that in one of the conversations, Reveshi said to his business partner “Well, hopefully I [done] it properly you know . . . he thought he saw me cutting her body up.
“Do you remember she was bleeding to death?” “Yes,” replied Mr Albattikhi. “So that she made a mess,” Mr Reveshi allegedly added. Later in the transcript Mr Reveshi allegedly says: “The last one then, it was the last deep one and then it was the [heart] . . . that finally killed her.”

It became evident that the police had tipped off the media about information regarding this disgusting crime and the equally disgusting way of disposing her body, and then lied to the family of Charlene.

The case of Charlene Downes is one of the most sickening examples of the police and CPS working under an immense fear of the politically correct state. The fear of being branded racist or bigoted has created a total mess in the British justice system, which has resulted in the alleged killers of Charlene Downes being completely acquitted, and walking free half a million pounds of tax payer’s money for damage to their reputation!

Why should these two Muslim paedophile killers be set free with half a million quid in their pocket? 

Why is the murder of Charlene Downes being pushed aside?

Why don’t Charlene’s family have justice?

The case of Charlene Downes is just one case in Britain of young British girls getting gang raped and used by gangs of Muslim men. This has been going on for three decades and only now are the media picking up on it – but that’s not enough.

The media also claim that this is an Asian problem! The Sikh community and Hindu community are both, quite rightly, outraged by this ludicrous statement! This gang raping and paedophilia problem, which includes hanging around schools and grooming young girls pretending to be the same age, is a Muslim problem – and the National Culturists will fight, and fight, and fight for justice for Charlene Downes, and all the other young girls who are affected by these horrible crimes.

The Islamic paedophile grooming problem must stop right now. Spread the word and let’s get justice for Charlene and all victims of this Islamic paedophile grooming.

Nick Griffin MEP speaks to Karen Downes, mother of Charlene Downes, who tells the tale of what happened to her daughter.

  • http://jennafooj.wordpress.com Jennafer

    This was a tragic event. But you are aware that Britain is full of white Christian rapist and paedophiles?

    • http://nationalculturists.wordpress.com nationalculturists

      Yes of course, but the issue with Muslim grooming is that we can pin point a direct source. We can pin point the exact reason why it’s happening – this is a cultural issue and it must be tackled. If we have a culturist social policy that stops this kind of implementation of the Qur’an’s wishes, then Muslim grooming can be stopped.

      Unfortunately, with other deranged paedophiles, the causes are harder to trace.

      The reason we talk about this is twofold:
      A) This is a culturist issue that must be tackled to ensure rights stay intact and children are protected. and

      B) The media and government have been covering this up for decades and it’s time people knew about it.

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