Gay Equality It’s Not

Gay marriage. Are we for it? Are we against it? Does it already exist? Can it really exist? These are all questions that will be asked this week in the … Continue Reading →


UKIP Surge Shows Culturist Values Amongst Electorate

This week we’ve seen a real earthquake in British politics. Massive gains for the UKIP and heavy losses for the Tories in local elections means David Cameron will be under … Continue Reading →

Ukip leader, Nigel Farage

Libertarian Left Infiltration: Can UKIP Go Back in the Right Direction?

by Philip Jones Over the past year or so, as anyone reading this will know, UKIP have received more media coverage and have gained more support than in any other … Continue Reading →


Fury at New Eurosceptic Splinter Group

by Lewis Lewison Over the past few days I  learned of a new and upcoming political movement known simply as “We Demand a Referendum.” At first glance, It looked like … Continue Reading →

EU Referendum? I wouldn’t count on it, backbenchers

by Phil Jones So today we are told that over a hundred Tory MPs have signed a letter addressed to David Cameron demanding we hold a referendum on membership of … Continue Reading →