The Great Gatsby – The Culturist Review

When I say this will be “The Culturist Review” of the Great Gatsby (2013), I should write “The Culturist’s” review. The first person to earn the label “culturist” was Matthew … Continue Reading →


Shame: The Culturist Film Review

Ironically, the film “Shame” (2011) portrays the shameless life of a sex addict in New York City. Instead of funding this descent into filth, the UK Lottery funds should have … Continue Reading →


Culturism 101: The BJP and Culturist Dynamics in a Democracy

The Indian political party, the BJP, is culturist, in all but name; they stand for the promotion of the traditional majority Hindu culture in India.  Recently, while I was in … Continue Reading →


The Woolwich Beheading and the End of Islamophobia

As you know, recently two Muslim men beheaded a British soldier, in the name of “Almighty Allah,” in London.   In the name of the slain soldier, Lee Rigby, we must … Continue Reading →


Culturists Celebrate an Election Landslide (In India)

The parade celebrating the victory of the culturist Indian BJP political party, started with a bang – literally.  A “bomb” firework about eight feet from me exploded.  As embers went … Continue Reading →

A Muslim man prays during Eid-al-Fitr in the northern Indian city of Allahabad

Crafting State – Nations – The Culturist Review

by Dr John Press “Crafting State – Nations: India and Other Multinational Democracies,” is an academic argument which refutes culturism.  In the academic literature, nation refers to a people; State … Continue Reading →


The Place of Religion in the Culturist Vision

John Campbell Shairp’s 1872 book, “Culture and Religion in Some of their Relations” launches the word “culturist.”  As such it has importance for the National Culturists.  But, even if Shairp’s … Continue Reading →

LSE graduation day

Culturism 101: Academic Treason

Culturist Academic Treason  by Dr John Press Academic, fellow westerners, please forgive me for the level of anger and harsh statements in the following article.  I am angry and will … Continue Reading →


John Press’ Thoughts from India

Love the West! by Dr John Press I currently reside in India. My town, near Rishikesh, is crawling with young people dressed as Sadhus (wandering beggars).  They have dreadlocks and … Continue Reading →


The Little Things You Can Do to Make a BIG Difference

A Student Call to Action!! Challenge Your Multiculturalist Professors! Culturist students must take back intellectual control of the university from the multicultural establishment.  Winning in the classroom will strongly aid … Continue Reading →