Who are we?

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 17.16.10 The Culturist Hub serves three purposes:


- To act as an academic online resource for information relating to the culturist position and ideology.

- To act as an online community for people to compare and share ideas, read content, share and learn.

- To provide young people with the opportunity to learn about a position that is ignored in modern universities.


The Culturist Hub aims to provide high quality and enjoyable content from a number of authors. We intend to help you learn about the culturist position, and recognise that Britain has a core culture that must be protected. We believe that universities must embrace the teaching of culturism, too, as today our young people are only taught about multiculturalism.

We believe in fairness and equality of opportunity, and so, we believe  that young people should take action against their universities to ensure that they have an inclusive and fair education at university. Hence, our team will take steps to ensure that we can offer help to people who need it. We will also be hosting events, and helping students get the word out on their own campuses.

We are always looking for new writers too, so please feel free to contact us via the Contact page if you are interested.

Do you support or favour any political party?

No. We are non-partisan, and welcome writers and readers from all political parties. We are here to promote culturism, which is a desire to protect and enjoy a traditional majority culture.

Are you racist?

No. Culturism has nothing to do with race.

What is the culturist position on Islam?

Culturism holds that nations and people have majority, core cultures that are distinct. Islam has the right to exist, but is fundamentally incompatible with a democratic British society that embraces rights for individuals.


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