Cameron Ignores Promises Yet Again

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by Phil Jones

As predicted, David Cameron has once again spectacularly succeeded in showing how out of touch he is with the general public. With over two thirds of voters and over a hundred Tory MPs calling for an immediate referendum on membership of the EU, what does Mr Cameron do? Nothing. Mr Cameron is continuing to prove that not only is he acting in the interests of his banker friends and big business, but he completely despises the concept of democracy and is in no way working for the interests of the British people.

It is reported that Mr Cameron is claiming that he is ‘waiting for the Eurozone crisis to die down’ before he officially makes a decision on where Britain’s place with the European Union lies.

Surely Mr Cameron can see that the European project has categorically failed, and Britain’s place should be out of this mess. The truth is, Mr Cameron is by no means a eurosceptic, he evidently wants to keep Britain involved with this European super state project, and this has been made very clear over his fudged referendum promises. No matter how many he promises us, the referendum will either not show up, or not be in the interests of the British people.

Mr Cameron, we demand a simple in/out referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union immediately!

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