Important Announcement from Jack Buckby

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As you may be aware, not too long ago I came to the conclusion that there was no party in the UK that fit well with my political beliefs. I left the BNP for a number of reasons (perhaps most notably that I grew tired of conspiracy theories, hatred of Jews and socialism), and you can read more about this at the Backbencher article I wrote entitled ‘The BNP Danger: My Experiences in the Far Right’, here.
Soon after, I was invited onto the executive council forLibertyGB, a new political party which encompasses culturist ideology.

I have decided that my own personal attention will now be focused solely on party politics with LibertyGB. Equally, my friend and colleague Dr John Press will now be cooperating with us on an international level.

This means that the Culturist Hub website (which formed after the National Culturists) will slowly become disused.

I’d like to thank everyone who worked hard with the National Culturists to promote the culturist message. We did our job well for over a year, and achieved a national stage with our message of hope.

I now believe that the culturist message needs to be taken to a larger stage, which is why I will be working hard with LibertyGB to implement the ideology into national politics.

If any followers are interested in continuing to follow the progress of culturism in Britain, I invite you to follow LibertyGB on Facebook

Equally, if you would like to learn more about it or even join, you can visit the website at


Our activists, however, have come from many different parties, most notably UKIP and the Conservative Party. Many members of these parties are culturist, and as always, our cause has not been party political. I joined LibertyGB as it is the only party that officially recognises the culturist ideology, and I believe it the best alternative, however you can follow the work of our other activists in their own respective parties.

Dr John Press and I would, once again, like to thank everyone for spreading the word and getting the message onto such a large national and even international level.

We are now moving to the next level politically, and invite you to join us.

All the very best,

Jack Buckby

Culture Officer for Liberty GB


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  • thanksdellingpole

    I guarantee you there is no room for your new party in the UK now, at best it’ll be a small policy group.

    The BNP are stronger than you think and besides, it’s UKIPs turn next.

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