Afghanistan Veteran Joins Culturist Team

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Today we are pleased to announce that Afghanistan veteran Tim Arnold will be contributing to the Culturist Hub. His pieces for us will complement nicely the range of material we publish and the different kinds of writers we have. His experience in the Middle East, and his current travels, will I’m sure give our readers great insight into foreign affairs and culture overseas. I’m sure you’ll join us in welcoming him to our expanding team.

Tim had this to say when I spoke to him earlier:


“My name is Tim Arnold. I am 30, from a working class London background, and currently live overseas. I joined the British Army (infantry) at 17 years old and left at 22, then re-joined and served for five more years, finally leaving in 2012.

I have been to many places during my time in the Army, including Kenya, the Falklands, Afghanistan and Canada. Since leaving the Army I have worked overseas in several Middle Eastern countries. I have done many bits for patriotic groups and political groups and hope to produce some good reading for Culturist Hub. I also hope to produce some good photography of my travels in Islamic countries – it will be a pleaser to help out on such a good site.

Many thanks, Tim”


    First of all thanks for having me and please follow me on twitter

    TIM ARNOLD@TimALibertyGB@TimALibertyGB


    TIM ARNOLD@TimALibertyGB

  • Highland

    Fantastic News :D



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