UKIP Surge Shows Culturist Values Amongst Electorate

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This week we’ve seen a real earthquake in British politics. Massive gains for the UKIP and heavy losses for the Tories in local elections means David Cameron will be under immense pressure to have an answer for the millions of people in Britain that want to see the Conservatives act like their namesake and shift to the right.

The results from Thursday prove that Cameron needs to listen to his own party along with the vast amount of disenfranchised traditional Tories, but it also proves another thing. The support required to form a majority right wing government  based on traditional conservative ideals, and more importantly, culturist ideals, exists. According to the BBC’s predicted national share, the combined voter share of the Conservatives and UKIP equals 48%, whilst on the left with Labour and the Lib dems, it is 43%.

This will make for interesting reading with traditional Tories and “Liberal Conservatives”, prompting what I hope will be a shift to the right for Cameron and co in order to give them a realistic chance in 2015 at the General Election. However, with Cameron at the helm  this is highly unlikely. His unconditional love for the EU, false pre-election promises on a referendum and socially liberal views immediately show you why there has been this huge surge in support for the UKIP and a return to conservatism. Therefore, it is my opinion that if we are to make progress in the right direction as a nation, Cameron must go. After all, Nigel Farage hasn’t ruled out doing a deal with the Conservatives if someone more “sensible” were at the helm, be this for example Theresa May, Michael Gove, or even David Davis.

This all bodes well for culturism. The UKIP is fundamentally a culturist party, calling for an end to multiculturism in their manifesto and a return to being proud of British culture and identity. It is clear from what I outlined above that this along with proper immigration controls and common sense politics shows that culturism, whether they know it or not, is already resonating with the average voter.

Despite what Ken Clarke (Hailed as UKIP’s best election campaigner!) would have you believe after trying to smear the UKIP with the “racist” tag, it isn’t about race, but culture. It’s now our job at the Culturist Hub to give this already established ideology a name tag to make it more recognisable in political discourse and ultimately see a return to a traditional Tory, socially conservative, and most importantly culturist values.

  • thanksdellingpole

    I think what you have to understand is that UKIP were and are not in existence for a single issue, that time has passed (and some would say never existed) so the idea of jumping into bed with the Tories is not going to bode well for them in the North of the UK.

    UKIP are there to replace the Tories, not to emulate them. There are many in the north too scarred to vote for UKIP, the anti Thatcher feeling’s run so strong, that one is considered a class traitor for doing so.

    Further, the Culturalists are an ideology, able to be adopted by all, there are many workers in the traditional Labour sect of the party who would resonate with the movement, it’s best to stay party neutral, especially after your last choice.

    You’re right about old Clarkey though, ho ho ho:

    • culturisthub

      Culturists come from a broad range of parties. This was written by Philip Jones (authors names at top of all articles) who is a member of the UKIP.

      • thanksdellingpole

        That won’t please Nigel, but it pleases me. I didn’t know that but I did know that some had taken up the flame, it’s a good thing to, we really need to deport people.

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