Comments on: I Was a Member of the BNP – And it’s Cameron’s Fault Community, Resource and Hub for Culturist Ideas Wed, 31 Jul 2013 22:46:00 +0000 hourly 1 By: thanksdellingpole thanksdellingpole Fri, 17 May 2013 19:34:00 +0000 Where your ethnics are drawn from are a different matter. I agree that Britain i diverse, in European terms, but not and never from outside Europe, or we’d look the same as everybody else outside of Europe.

By: salfordsupporter salfordsupporter Wed, 08 May 2013 22:19:00 +0000 If you are a conservative with a small ‘c’ I don’t see why you should be opposed to the public ownership of some key industries. For example, a large part of our energy companies are foreign owned, this can only be a threat to national sovereignty. Try telling this to the ‘modern’ Tory Party , let alone UKIP! That’s why I remain a British nationalist, Jack. I’m not a ‘race hate’ merchant or supremacist, I’m not one of the “send ‘em all back” crew, however, the native British people have a racial component to their ethnicity and that is something which should be valued, respected and politically fought for. If you can’t defend that then you aren’t conserving much that is intrinsically British. Not at all fashionable, of course, but the Left have long seen ethnicity – particularly Western European ethnicity and nationalism (excepting Irish nationalism because of its anti-imperialist roots) – as ‘false consciousness’ or a preventer of global revolution, just as the globalist capitalists see ethnicity as problematic to their goals. That in itself should be enough to make you realise that your ethnicity free ‘conservatism’ is politically dysfunctional. I believe the BNP certainly needs some tweaking, however, you could have been the one to have put British nationalism on a firmer footing in the future.

By: thanksdellingpole thanksdellingpole Fri, 03 May 2013 00:02:00 +0000 I think you should still stay neutral, acting as a hub for people who follow your ideology. I don’t think the BNP thing will leave you any time soon, but that in itself will ease as the Nationalists come to power in France when everything finally goes tits up on the Continent.

The future of things, as I see it, is that UKIP will do very well tomorrow, will take over from the Conservatives in 2020, having gained a respectable number of MP seats in the 2015 election. For things to advance things have to change, the biggest problem is the lack of diversity (ironically enough) in the media output, which is changing thanks to the internet, but of course I am talking about the BBC.

I don’t know what UKIP, or, Nigel, plans to do with the BBC, I’ve heard that they might just cut the license fee, but many want the ground taken from beneath them. I think, especially with the next installment of the sex scandal we have unfolding, with yet another high profile celebrity household name having been caught out, protected by the BBC that it will just hasten their demise.

But it’s hard to call if they will be closed down, however if the NC movement is to advance they will have to be out of the way, no doubt about it and I think that UKIP have enough members (and bad memories) to pull that off.

Obviously the EU will be gone soon, that UKIP can be counted on achieving if anything, but also a removal of the Bill of Human Rights, hopefully not replaced with anything else, but I fear maybe a “British Bill of Rights” may be enacted, which is the same thing, of will “ban racism”, same old tick up job I fear.

But what we really need to push for an English Parliament, that’s a true mark of progress, even to recognise England as self governing entity, from there progress comes.

The movement has logic too it, but I think it could fragment, open to interpretation it’ll be watered down, you already know Nigel’s feelings on the movement, but you also know the support it has behind many closed doors. If you remain as a hub and get the message out all over Europe, as Nigel has done (not sure how to achieve that with the EU gone though), then the movement will get stronger, too much to be ignored, but I know you know all of this.

Right now papers like the Express and the Telegraph have both thrown up the Caucasian Britain to be a minority by 2066 news, this is a sign that as UKIPs star burns brightly now, they have left the scene of plucky underdog to another movement and I doubt there could be many in any first world EU country who would turn their noses up to a silver bullet like the NC movement.

By: eussr eussr Tue, 30 Apr 2013 19:26:29 +0000 Its a petty to see that the controlled media has gotten to you Jack, some people shine in the lime light and seek it out but others like you and me we are the quieter types preferring to take a back seat but sometimes out nature forces us to take front stage even when we don’t like it.
As for the conservative party that you yearn that’s been dead for quite a few decades and with the likes of Cameron and Boris at the helm all you will see is a softer brand of new labour.
Shame you think the bnp are to economically socialist the irony is that it is probably one of the list far right party out there but lets not get off track the bnp have always been more of a working class party but also understand unlike labour that to have a strong social security system you must have a strong economy to pay for it.
Any way good luck

By: Jack Buckby Jack Buckby Tue, 30 Apr 2013 15:27:09 +0000 For as long as UKIP ban people like me from joining, they’ll not be getting my vote. It’s petty and unpleasant. Victimising good people for, in the past, doing what was literally their only option.

By: t kelly t kelly Tue, 30 Apr 2013 15:21:38 +0000 I doubt the Conservative party is ever for turning back – they are no longer their own masters and take their directives from foreigners i.e. the US and EU. However during the interim waiting for your hoped for Conservative change of attitude you cannot do better than send a message to the three principal parties of your dissatisfaction with their lack of patriotism by voting UKIP – they at least are a party prepared to give Britain back its pride and culture;putting our interests before those of other countries which we haven’t seen for more than half a century.