How Do You Solve a Problem Like Raheem Kassam?

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by Jack Buckby

With the rise of UKIP and my further involvement with colleagues from the party, and indeed my involvement on a personal and political level with genuine Tories, I’ve been thinking more of perhaps getting involved with trying to steer conservative groups back in the right direction.

Political ideology and use of language are my passions, and with a view to this I decided that perhaps now is the time to start making connections with other conservatives out there who feel totally let down by the likes of David Cameron. This led to my search for what appeared to be conservative news outlets.

Naturally, the first one I came across was the Commentator. I’d heard of it, never really paid much notice to it. I mean, with ‘right wing’ papers like the Telegraph publishing lies about me, there’s not really much hope of there being a paper out there that actually embraces conservatism. Nonetheless, I contacted them to see if perhaps they would be interested in publishing one of my articles about the true nature of conservatism. It then struck me – the Commentator is the little side project of a chap called Raheem Kassam, a compulsive liar egotistical fool who likes to claim he’s a conservative.

Here’s my email to the Commentator, for reference:

Hi there,

I’m Jack Buckby and I’ve recently entered the media spotlight for chairing an organisation called the National Culturists, a movement inspired by the founder of the Brooklyn Tea Party. I’ve also been in the media due to people deeming me a ‘poster boy’ for the British far right. In reality, this is untrue.
I am a writer by profession, a student of politics at the university of Liverpool and a passionate conservative.
I think it is important that people can read why young people like me have found ourselves turning to parties the media deem as ‘far right’. As a conservative in a nationalist party, I feel let down by David Cameron when ultimately,  the Conservative Party should be my home.
I think an article discussing this problem and urging David Cameron to listen to people like me, UKIP and the BNP would be a great read and an insightful article for political conservatives.
I’d love to hear back from you to see what you think.
All the best,

Jack Buckby

Naturally my offer was declined, and had I known who I was contacting, I’d have never sent the email in the first place. Other outlets now appear interested in the article, which I will be producing hopefully over the next couple of days.

But it’s what came next that really shows one of the primary problems we have in conservative circles today.
Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 22.09.07 A series of Tweets later came as a result from Raheem Kassam himself, you’ll see for yourself in the screenshot. For a chap who claims to be professional, it’s really quite a sight. It’s the nature of what he says that shows the problem. In a series of tweets, he continually referred to my views as ‘totalitarian’.
Really, work that one out! I’m openly an advocate of proportional representation and direct democracy. How does that make one a totalitarian?
Let’s also look at the fact that the man is actively involved in publishing lies about the National Culturists on his other little project ‘Student Rights’ – an organisation that claims to ‘oppose extremism’ yet does so by opposing people, like us, who have the view that people should be treated with dignity and not treated like animals (as is true in Islam).The most disturbing thing about all this is that Raheem Kassam claims to be a conservative.
The situation of conservatism in Britain has been dire for decades. If Churchill and Powell knew what were going on right now, they’d be turning in their graves (I imagine Powell’s shouting ‘I told you so!’, though!).
The Conservative Party is no longer conservative.
‘Conservatives’ are no longer conservative.Mr Kassam, you are certainly not a conservative. Why do you think Monday Club Tories have left the party behind and are now involved in different traditionally conservative organisations, even including the newly formed British Democratic Party?
For our readers, however, there is a solution. If you’re as appalled as I am about the liberal left hijacking an ideology that is so important in the process of maintaing British identity and our right to self determination, then culturism is that key. Culturism is the only way in which we can obtain a conservative long march through the institutions, and you can read about this concept further in the document I published just days ago here.
  • Lisa White via Facebook

    That’s interesting. I quite liked The Commentator too, despite the fact that I was beginning to think it was run by UKIP.

  • National Culturists via Facebook

    Run by same nutter who runs ‘Student Rights’. Compulsive liar and fake conservative unfortunately!

  • David hamilton

    Churchill would be shouting the same thing. Churchill attempted to introduce a Bill to control immigration in 1955. He also wanted the Conservative Party to adopt the slogan “Keep England White”. Peter Catterall (ed.), ‘The Macmillan Diaries: The Cabinet Years, 1950-1957′ (Macmillan, 2003) p 382.

  • Colin Buchan Liddell via Facebook

    Go above his head.

  • Darren Bywater via Facebook

    just saw nigel farage on his common sense tour. he’s a truly great man and will run this country so well.

  • Andy Newton

    I hope you find this interesting

  • Highland

    Good Read.

    People Will Understand That Our Culture Should be Defended Against Fake Conservatives Like raheem kassam.

  • Paul Austin Murphy

    Is the claim that Raheem Kassam is an entryist in the Conservative Party? It’s certainly possible. CAIR/the Muslim Brotherhood have infiltrated – or become entryists – in both the Republican and Democratic Parties in the US. This is no surprise. The Muslim Brotherhood itself, since the 1920s, has advocated using democracy when such a thing works; and violence, jihad and assassinations when that doesn’t work… I can’t speak about Kassam because I don’t know anything about him. Suffice to say that not only is Islamism incompatible with Conservative Party values (I don’t support the Party), but Islam itself is. Of course, nominal Muslims, of which there are many, won’t find this a problem. That is, they are Conservative Party members IN SPITE of Islam, not because of it. To the extent they are genuine/true Muslims, is precisely to the extent in which they could never be supporters of the Conservative Party.

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