A Leftist Minority Influence: The Reality of British Politics

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by Chris Velocity

Typical UAF Violence

Something very strange and sinister has taken place within the British political arena: The British citizens who champion the interests, culture, well-being and future of our country and its people are being demonised, stalked and attacked by those whom advocate all the things that are destroying it…

I am, of course, speaking of the sinister far-left.

Hateful, anti-British far-left organisations such as the absurdly named ‘Hope Not Hate’ and ‘Unite Against Fascism’ are attempting to systematically – and violently – silence everybody who dares to oppose mass immigration, mass-Multiculturalism, Islamism and political correctness.

To oppose these things makes you (according to the confused, addled far-left) a fascist, a racist or a nazi – or indeed all three.

The bummer for the far-left, though, is that opposition to the above-mentioned are shared by the vast majority of British people to some extent. They know this – but they really, really do not like it; and so they have created an alternate-reality which accommodates their delusions. Marxism, anyone?

Needless to say, one thing the public needs to be aware of is that the far-left actually want our towns and cities to become ethnic majorities; they want Islamism to flourish; they wish to see the destruction of British identity and they want us, the British people, to bow down and allow our history, culture, ethnicity, heritage and future prospects to be obliterated – or else.

The problem, though, is that these far-left, hate-filled anti-British organisations are accepted and lauded by certain arms of the mainstream media.

The absurdly-named ‘Hope Not Hate’ for example, is backed by the Daily Mirror. Does the Daily Mirror know that the group they are backing has deep links to the violent, Marxist, far-left ‘Unite Against Fascism’? A group with a chairman who is an Islamic extremist? A group with leaders who are violent criminals and nothing more than totalitarian, nazi-like mini-Hitlers who, given the power, would probably outlaw patriotism?

I would be interested to hear the Daily Mirrors statement regarding all of this.

What makes this whole thing really alarming, though, is that these hateful, anti-British, far-left organisations are claiming that they speak for the British people. That’s you and me.

When we look at their true views and intentions, we can see that they, and those of their ilk, are an overwhelming minority in society – most certainly in regards to the native population.

So, unless we want Britain to become an ethnic/Muslim majority within the century – a Britain in which we are the minority; a Britain that will utterly lose its identity as ethnic/religious groups become dominant (a scenario which has been proven to be our inevitable fate due to demographics, birth-rates and immigration et al), then we must make sure that the far-left – and indeed the left itself – knows that it does not and never will speak for us, the British people.

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