Mutual Respect: A Message to Opposition Relating to Dangers of Threatening or Violent Behaviour

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Culturist Hub advocates freedom of speech, and we strongly believe that all groups have a right to form and express themselves in the public arena. This includes people that oppose us. The Culturist Hub, however, expect other groups to also implement this level of respect and engage only in constructive and fair debate.

The Culturist Hub will not tolerate violent or threatening behaviour.

Any violent or threatening behaviour, including contact and anonymous contact, with members or writers of the Culturist Hub will not be tolerated and will result in police action.

Any violent or threatening behaviour, including any form of contact with friends and family of Culturist Hub writers and members will not be tolerated. This will also result in serious police action.

At the Culturist Hub, we uphold our right to express our opinions respectfully and expect the same respect back. Opposition must also respect the privacy of family members and friends of Culturist Hub members.

  • Peter, Liverpool.

    I quite agree and well said. However there has been whisperings from the anti democratic extreme communist left that they are going to try and thwart any progress your group makes.

    The very last sentence in your article should be sacred and not need to be expressed or stated, however these are not normal people so they will not take any notice in any of what you ask. I wish you all the best in your political venture, Peter.

    • nationalculturists

      They’re not whisperings in reality, however. They have made it quite clear to me that they are going to try and thwart any progress – but they will not succeed. There is no way they can stop us and we will continue to make use of our right to peacefully demonstrate.

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