Important Announcement from Jack Buckby

As you may be aware, not too long ago I came to the conclusion that there was no party in the UK that fit well with my political beliefs. I … Continue Reading →


The Great Gatsby – The Culturist Review

When I say this will be “The Culturist Review” of the Great Gatsby (2013), I should write “The Culturist’s” review. The first person to earn the label “culturist” was Matthew … Continue Reading →


Shame: The Culturist Film Review

Ironically, the film “Shame” (2011) portrays the shameless life of a sex addict in New York City. Instead of funding this descent into filth, the UK Lottery funds should have … Continue Reading →


Gay Equality It’s Not

Gay marriage. Are we for it? Are we against it? Does it already exist? Can it really exist? These are all questions that will be asked this week in the … Continue Reading →


Culturism 101: The BJP and Culturist Dynamics in a Democracy

The Indian political party, the BJP, is culturist, in all but name; they stand for the promotion of the traditional majority Hindu culture in India.  Recently, while I was in … Continue Reading →


Nationality, Children and Favouritism

Good morning; there is a lot of debate recently about Britain being overly “pro-European” and not being anti-European. This article wishes to address this issue with empirical research that has … Continue Reading →


The Woolwich Beheading and the End of Islamophobia

As you know, recently two Muslim men beheaded a British soldier, in the name of “Almighty Allah,” in London.   In the name of the slain soldier, Lee Rigby, we must … Continue Reading →


Afghanistan Veteran Joins Culturist Team

Today we are pleased to announce that Afghanistan veteran Tim Arnold will be contributing to the Culturist Hub. His pieces for us will complement nicely the range of material we … Continue Reading →


Thatcher: Still Used as a Scape-Goat for Labour’s Mess, Even Now

Thatcher: Still used as a scape-goat for Labour’s mess even now Margaret Thatcher – a brilliant lady, in my opinion, who made decisions which many politicians were too afraid to … Continue Reading →


Rosie Ward Joins Culturist Young Columnists

I thought I’d best introduce myself before posting on The Culturist Hub. I am Rosie Ward, a resident member of Young Independence (youth wing of UKIP) and a right-wing individual. … Continue Reading →

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